Why are smaller companies late to the cloud?


A recent survey shows that SMEs are slow to adopt the cloud; only 28% of the 400 SME respondents have implemented cloud solutions for their businesses.

These data roughly track with the findings from a previous Oxford Economics survey of SMEs; as you can see in the chart below, we found that 35% of SMEs worldwide were using the cloud last year, which will increase to 48% by 2016.


Yet SMEs could reap a lot of potential benefits from moving to the cloud. Our survey found that technology is key to a SME’s business transformation; cloud’s scalability and low cost allow companies to roll out social, mobile, and analytic innovations more efficiently, all of which drive customer engagement and improve product and service development.

Our survey found that the top barriers for cloud adoption were security concerns, closely followed by a lack of understanding of the benefits of the cloud, and a lack of skills.


Our latest cloud survey—the core of the Path to Value program—shows that some of these issues are still hindering cloud adoption. More details on that soon.