Cloud News Roundup

  • CMS put together a list of five key steps for migrating your company’s SharePoint content to the cloud. However, since SharePoint has limited migration tools, the task can be difficult. Some things to keep in mind: consider which cloud configuration is right for your business, establish a realistic timeline, identify what content is needed and what can be left behind, test the migration, and verify the results.
  • While the U.S. government is experiencing some hiccups in migrating to the cloud, the San Francisco city government will soon become the first major city to upgrade to a single cloud network. The city will be using Microsoft’s Office 365, which is compliant with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) guidelines, which unites police, safety, and health departments under one cloud. Microsoft also accommodated the city’s accelerated migration timeline,  simplifying the process and building specific paths to complete the migration.
  • The next wave of cloud migration is likely in human resources. Many companies still use decade-old HR systems and applications, are see an opportunity in switching to cloud-based human relationship management (HRM) software, rather than going through a lengthy and painful migration phase. The average timeframe for a switch to HRM software is about three months.