Moving assets into the cloud

Our survey findings  have shown us what business functions are moving to the cloud, how companies are measuring cloud success, and how companies choose cloud vendors.  But what specific assets are moving to the cloud?

The short answer is a lot, and that will only increase over the next two years. Development, storage, and management have experienced the strongest cloud migration so far, as you can see in the chart below. (Click to enlarge)WindstreamQ18

Smaller companies will be much less likely to use cloud for data warehousing and application development in two years, but will be more likely to have proprietary applications in the cloud by then.

Next week, we will explore more applications that are moving to the cloud, including disaster recovery, supply chain, sales and service, and core business functions.

Long road for the government’s cloud migration

“Federal agencies have a long road ahead of them in their migration to cloud computing. Even after the decision to migrate is made, uncertainty looms about the best way to approach the migration for government agencies.”

An article on details some of the challenges for the government’s (eventual) migration to the cloud. These challenges mirror those faced by any organization moving to the cloud, but on a massive scale.

In 2012, the Government Accountability Office detailed seven specific challenges for government implementation of the cloud, a list that should sound familiar to any organization in the process of migrating to the cloud: obtaining guidance, acquiring knowledge and expertise, certifying and accrediting vendors, ensuring data portability and interoperability, meeting federal safety requirements, overcoming cultural barriers, and procuring services on an on-demand basis. Two years on, those challenges still exist, and recent events and legislation further complicate matters.

Many agencies have a fast-approaching June 5 deadline to comply with fedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program), and recent security breaches highlight potential vulnerabilities of the cloud. Even then, government agencies have no clear exit plan once the migration happens. The government has a long way to go, but the path is laid out—the trick is sticking to it.