Enemies of the cloud

This recent article from David Linthicum at InfoWorld argues that organizational culture, not technology, is the biggest barrier to company-wide cloud adoption.

“The vocal opponents to cloud computing we heard in 2008 are mostly quiet in 2014. However, they are still lurking. Today, they use closed-door conversations to call the cloud into question, often for the wrong reasons. By doing so, they create a toxic culture around the use of cloud computing—or any new technologies that may prove to be innovative and helpful but threaten the status quo,” Linthicum writes.

His proposed solution? Tasking the cloud skeptics with evaluating the pros and cons of adopting the new technology. Given the responsibility, they are more likely to take an open-minded approach and make a thoughtful decision about the value of cloud computing to your organization. And, of course, any reservations they may have will be valuable in the implementation stage.

Internal struggles are common in organizations looking to make changes to their IT processes, as C-suite and line of business leaders have different priorities and may face gaps in communication.

Does your company struggle with decision-making when it comes to IT? Do you have a strategy for overcoming this barrier?  We’d love to hear from you.