Cloud Insights #BBGtech

Yesterday, we attended the Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit here in New York City. Not surprisingly, the cloud—its implications, uses, and future—was a hot topic. Notably, there were opposing viewpoints on the future of the private cloud datacenter model.

Benjamin Fried, Google’s CIO, and Scott Weiss, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, both contended that the private cloud model was dead, saying that public clouds are safer, more secure, and allow for scaled used that private companies cannot compete with or afford. Long live Google and Amazon!

Not so fast, said the senior technology executives on another panel.  Mike Capone, Corporate Vice President of Product Development and CIO at ADP and Stephen Little, Xerox’s CIO, disagreed with the death-knell predictions for the private cloud. Both are using private and hybrid-cloud solutions to secure the massive amount of data their respective companies hold and see value in continuing that arrangement.

Other topics also led back to the cloud.

“Big data solutions have been solutions in search of problems,” said Fried.

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