Cloud drives IT growth

Data is nothing unless you refine it. I speak with tons of clients, and every CIO I talk to will tell you that data is going to be the basis of their competitive advantage.

Cloud migration is boosting IT budgets. In a recent survey of data center trends, almost half of respondents say they expect their budgets to increase by 5-10 percent over the next year. Additionally, Cisco predicts that global data center traffic will triple by 2017. This growth is spurred in part by the rise of big data, which more and more companies see as a strategic asset.

As  IT strategies shift from saving to innovation, budgets are increasing as well; worldwide, public cloud services spending will more than double by 2017, to $108 billion, from 2013’s $47.4 billion. Three main areas are expected to drive data center growth going forward: virtualization, big data, and data center consolidation.