Path to Value in the Cloud in review

Our research program is now complete, and all of the analysis of our survey of 350 business and technology executives nationwide is now online. Taken together, this information offers key takeaways for companies pursuing their own cloud migrations.

The briefing paper outlines the main findings from the survey. Our survey revealed that while cloud is fundamentally changing the nature of business processes and collaboration, companies lack migration strategies and lack metrics to measure their own success in the cloud—or the effectiveness of their cloud vendors.

We then delved into the main findings with a series of short papers and infographics around each theme. The first examines how cloud is influencing and driving business strategy. The key takeaways from our cloud strategy think piece can be found in this infographic.

A second looks at the areas where companies are seeing the most value from the cloud (primarily collaboration and innovation)—and how they are measuring their success in the cloud. A snapshot of how cloud is driving business value can be found here.

Our third think piece highlights a persistent issue in the cloud—security. Security remains top of mind, and these concerns will remain relevant as firms move more business functions into the cloud over the next two years. But companies aren’t prioritizing security when it comes to choosing a cloud vendor. These findings are summarized in this infographic.

Finally, we detailed the characteristics and practices of those furthest along in their cloud migrations—Trailblazers. Trailblazers are seeing higher revenues and profit margins, and have more well-developed cloud migration plans. An infographic about Trailblazers  can be found here.

All of these research outputs can be found here.


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