What makes a cloud Trailblazer?

WindstreamTrailblazerInfographicClick to see full infographic

A small group of our survey respondents are farther ahead on the path to value. We know them as Trailblazers, and there are some interesting things they have in common, as seen in the infographic above. Trailblazers are significantly more likely than the rest of the respondents to have already moved applications into the cloud. Strategy is important to Trailblazers; they are far more likely to say that cloud is critical to their strategic visions and they have strategies for migrating to the cloud.

Most importantly, we found that Trailblazers have higher profits and expect higher revenue growth over the next two years. For more on Trailblazers, read our think piece on the topic. For an overview of the survey results, check out our white paper.

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