New paper shows cloud’s business value

Today we are releasing the second of four think pieces in our Path to Value program. Each of these short, targeted papers focuses on a key takeaway from our survey analysis. So far we’ve taken an in-depth look at cloud’s strategic role. This think piece explores where companies are seeing value from their cloud migrations.

WindstreamValueThinkPieceClick to read the full think piece

On the whole, our respondents are seeing more sophisticated benefits from the cloud as their migrations progress. First-generation cloud benefits like increased operational efficiency and savings still rank highly, but the majority of our respondents are seeing benefits like increased collaboration among partners and business units, innovation, and time to market today—and companies expect impressive growth in these areas in two years.

Despite these numbers, our survey found that performance metrics to assess the success of these cloud strategies are in short supply—just 43% say they have defined metrics for KPIs and even fewer have defined metrics for ROI. Those companies that do have performance metrics in place are more likely to have higher profit margins and strong financial performance.


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