Industry opinions: Cloud service providers

So far we’ve taken a look at the benefits that particular industry sectors are seeing from their cloud migrations, and what qualities they look for in a cloud services provider. Today we’ll focus on  what executives are saying about the providers themselves.

Please indicate your agreement with the following statements about cloud and managed services providers. (Top 2-box scores) Click to enlargeWindstreamQ25all

As you can see, a majority of respondents say cloud providers add measurable value to their business results. Among industries surveyed, financial services are seeing the most value—70% of respondents said their provider adds value—while only half of respondents from retail say that.

Professional services firms are the most likely among our industry respondents to expect a pre-sales technical consultation (54%), while government/education companies are the least likely (37%). Meanwhile, healthcare companies are significantly less likely to see cloud hosting as a commodity service (28%), while government/education is the industry most likely to see cloud as a commodity (46%).

Government/education organizations are also the least likely to say their provider adds measurable value to their operating processes, at 25%—but are the most likely to say their service provider works to tailor solutions to their needs, at 27%.

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