Cloud critical to strategy across industries

This week we’ll be bringing you an in-depth look at some findings from our Path to Value survey of 350 business and technology executives. From previous posts, we’ve seen that companies are moving assets to the cloud, but planning is in short supply. We’ve also seen what our Trailblazers—those respondents furthest in their cloud migration—are doing to stay ahead.

But in what ways is cloud strategy critical to companies?

To what extent do you agree with the following statements about your company’s cloud strategy today? Two years from now? Click to enlargeWindstreamQ13


As you can see, cloud is growing in strategic importance across all areas. But each industry we surveyed sees the most growth in different areas. 55% of respondents from the healthcare industry expect cloud to enable them to move to new geographical markets in two years—a growth of 72% from today. 54% of government/education respondents say cloud will support business-model transformation at their firms in two years, another 70% increase.

Retailers tend to be laggards in our survey—yet nearly half say that cloud will be critical to their innovation strategy in two years, a growth of 77%. Finally, the majority of both financial and professional services respondents expect cloud to push control of IT to line-of-business users in two years—growing 78% for professional services respondents and 60% for financial services.

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