Meet the cloud Trailblazers

Our survey identified a small group of respondents—16% of the total—who are furthest along the path to value in the cloud.

These leaders, or Trailblazers, are more likely than their peers to establish a clearly defined strategy for migrating applications and data to the cloud. And this maturity reaps measurable rewards. As you can see in the charts below, Trailblazers tend to be larger companies expecting big revenue gains in the next two years:WindstreamLeaderQ5-6Trailblazers also report significantly higher profitability and profit margins.WindstreamLeaderQ7-8Trailblazers view the cloud as a way to open new markets and new lines of business that spur growth. Over half (52%) of them say that clouds are critical for innovation, compared with 33% of non-leaders.

We’ll have more on Trailblazers—including what they’re doing and what they value in the cloud—in coming posts.


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