Cloud news roundup

Dawn Leaf, Deputy CIO at the Labor Department, spoke about her agency’s  recent migration of email and human resource applications to the cloud at the FOSE government technology conference. Leaf said one of the most important aspects of any migration is oversight. “Delegation—and that’s what you’re doing; you’re delegating your authority of your IT services—is not the same as abdication,” she said.

Cloud is emerging as one of tech’s top moneymakers. A recent KPMG survey revealed that 46 percent of technology executives said their cloud revenues in 2013 were above expectations. Meanwhile, D&A (data and analytics) and the Internet of Things are rising fast as top drivers of growth. 

As cloud investment heats up, providers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. The big players are reducing prices; Google plans on lowering cloud service prices by 30 to 85 percent, an announcement that was quickly followed by Amazon and Microsoft announcing plans to slash their prices as well. Other companies are focusing on niche markets, tailoring their services for different industries, or focusing on private clouds. 

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