Study shows rapid cloud adoption growth

The use of cloud services is accelerating rapidly, according to a new study that aggregates real cloud usage data from over 250 companies. A total of 3,571 cloud services are being used by more than 8.3 million users at the subject companies; last quarter, there were 2,675 cloud services identified.

Another finding: The number of services used per organization grew from 759, on average, compared with last quarter’s 626.

An area of concern is a service’s “enterprise readiness,” a measure determined by the study that takes into account factors like data protection, and security features. Only 7% of cloud services were determined to be “enterprise ready,” down from last quarter’s 11%. Disconcerting, especially considering that security concerns are the main barrier to cloud adoption.

The study also found that cloud services are increasingly fragmented—on average an organization is using 24 file-sharing services and 91 collaboration services. Additionally, 18% of companies have at least 1,000 devices accessing a public cloud using Windows XP, an OS Microsoft no longer supports—another potential security risk.

Our own cloud adoption survey is yielding some interesting initial results, and we’ll be reporting on those soon.

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