Facing cloud security fears

“It could be that there’s just a lot of information IT people don’t know. The comfort level is still missing.” Jagdish Rebello, IHS analyst

This week saw the release of two studies that reinforced the belief that security concerns are hindering cloud migration. A report from Bitglass said 52 percent of large companies and one third of SMBs aren’t migrating to the cloud due to perceived risks.

Nate Kausik, Bitglass’ CEO, had some thoughts on next steps for the industry. “Given the compliance and audit capabilities lacking in most cloud apps, we expect third-party security technology will be required to help close this gap,” he said.

A separate report from Compuware had more troubling news: 73% of IT professionals believe cloud providers are hiding security flaws. This one might have an easier solution, though.

Companies migrating to the cloud need to do their homework when searching for a cloud provider. Ask the right questions about potential vendors’ hiring practices, internal audits, and threat protection.

It’s a big change, but a necessary one, and it can be scary. But with the right preparations, the migration can be smooth, and secure.


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