Analyzing our cloud survey data

After we close our survey of 350 business and technology executives, we’ll segment responses by industry, company size, region, profitability, and other parameters, and then analyze the data to identify broad trends and connections as well as key variations between and among categories. This will allow us to understand cloud migration strategies for companies from around the United States, approaches to security across industries, and the wants and needs of executives who are looking for cloud and managed services providers.

Next, we’ll take this data, along with insights gained from eight executive interviews, and use it as the basis of our briefing paper, think pieces, and infographics.

Our first paper will focus on high-level findings of the research and include in-depth interviews with executives, charts and tables that illustrate the key points of the research, and calls to action to help plan future strategies. Following the release of this briefing paper, we’ll write four shorter think pieces—each with a particular focus determined by trends revealed by the survey analysis, highlighting the ways companies are transitioning to the cloud, and finding and measuring value there.

Look for our briefing paper at the end of May, and think pieces throughout the summer. In the meantime, we’ll be showing you some of our survey results and sharing our progress right here on the blog.

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